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About Golden Hands

The Golden Hands highly-specialized engineering company with core competence in LED-based space lighting and signage applications. LED lighting products using energy efficient and environment-friendly LEDs for commercial lighting and commercial signs required by architectural, design, and engineering firms as well as retailers and brand marketers. main products featured on: • Neon Led’s • Ge Led’s • Aluminium Profile • 3M Anti Skid Tape • Panasonic Interior Lights products are designed to assist: • Architects, builders, and developers to create a modern visual environment in commercial establishments • Deliver high-quality, non-glare lighting for work spaces. • Retailers and brand marketers to: Develop high quality signage applications that help to reach the right audience. Anytime, anywhere. This new lighting technology from Golden Hands offers its customers two crucial benefits: • It cuts electricity costs by lowering the amount of energy usage. • It reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For your application, you should consider the following outstanding features. GOLDEN HANDS products: • Provide ample lighting • Cause minimum glare • Produce high-quality aesthetics • Provide uniform horizontal and vertical illumination with high reliability • Deliver bright white and colored illumination • Draw attention to vibrant signs and brand images For installation purposes, Golden Hands products provide you peace of mind as they are: • Standards (UL) compliant • Fully tested • Guaranteed for three years • Easily installed • Available as retrofits for existing light fixtures • Affordable Production-to-delivery time is usually fast. You can expect to receive your orders in less than seven days in most cases. This far exceeds industry standards for similar custom products. This is a great convenience.